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The beautiful & amazing Orange Dahlia

The beautiful & amazing Orange Dahlia

What is so amazing about this stone? Well while it is made man, it's comprised of real gemstones. These are made with Kingman turquoise, natural oyster shells, and bronze. They are put through a special pressure process to create the beautiful cabs you see here.    I don't get my hands on these very often but when I do they don't hang around long! To inquire about one, send me a DM to insta or facebook or email me at

What just happened? A 2020 recap

Nicole Santi

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Wrapping up 2020 It is such a weird concept to me. 2020. And now here we are at the end of it. This year has been the craziest yet. Never in my wildest dreams did I think our country would find itself in the middle of a pandemic. On lock down with so much unknown. Panic setting in only to lead to a toilet paper shortage?!?!  When it all started happening I was terrified. Not so much of the virus but not knowing, and not feeling safe. It definitely pulled me out of my bubble. Not enough for me to...